Flora & Fauna

In Mangalore Flora and Fauna is breathtaking, with famous landscapes making a dream come try for nature lovers.

Housing more than 120 types of trees like Teak, Honne, Rosewood, etc. You can find crocodiles, snakes, tigers, leopards, jackal, barking deer, pigeons, turtles and different kinds of exotic butterflies and tons of birds, like Malabar whistling thrush, hornbill, flycatcher, ruby throated bullbuls etc.

With it’s wonderfull trees all perfectly in a Conservative area and managed by the proffesonals to mantain in a perfect state with the help of  All Trees Perth the best tree services and even garden homes.

Find yourself somewhere else

Nature Nirvana is between the forests like evergreen hilly jungles full of eucalyptos and casuarinas, with park houses everywhere. And there are other animals you would be able to spot like sambars, wild pigs, otters and leopards. Also reptiles like King Cobra, Monitor Lizard, Indian Rock Python, and Russells Viper also find in this jungles.

And if you are a fan of butterflies there are conservation parks near by and in the spot you can even see the beautiful Sammilan Shettys Butterfly Park with its wonderful colors.